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Hey, I’m Kayse

I teach teachers how to create a scalable business online by taking what they are passionate about in the classroom and transforming it into a course or membership to sell.


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A Teacher's Map of Online Business Secrets


The CEO Teacher® podcast is where we chat about all the secrets to marketing your online teacher business. As a former teacher, I’ve built an online empire and now earn 7 figures a year. The best part? I know you can too! I loved being a teacher, but now I get to do it on a much bigger scale and impact students and teachers from all over the world. If you’re reading this, I consider you a CEO Teacher® too. Let’s do big things together.

The best is yet to come.

You may know me from

This whole process has just changed my mindset of a “maybe I can do that” to “I’m definitely going to do that”. No more giving up or talking myself out of it. My motto this year is “actually, I can”.
From just 2 short weeks, I’ve increased my sales fivefold. I’m so thrilled that I took this course. This course transformed my resources and ME!
Choosing to invest in Kayse has been the best decision I’ve made in years. Trust the process, and she will share her insights and guide you to achieve your dreams, too!

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