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I love this podcast and all it has to offer! So many mind blowing moments coupled with little nuggets that are small steps you can take to make big impact! Thank you Kayse for all the insights!

This is AMAZING!

I just joined Kayse’s CEO teacher school and have been listening to her podcasts in the morning before my kiddos wake up! Her trainings are full of golden nuggets and is an answered prayer for me! 

Reviving this teacher’s heart

Thank you to Kayse for her generosity of spirit, support and information! I’ve just discovered Kayse and the CEO Teacher Podcast. I began listening to episode 1 and am devouring each and every podcast I am able to this same week. 

An absolute gem!

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I didn’t even have a TPT store when I joined the [CEO Teacher School]. In just 8 months I have made over $4,000 in sales, 365 followers and have had over 16,000 views on my products. My favorite part of the [CEO Teacher School] is joining the monthly coaching calls because you can see others that are on the same journey as you. And the mind mapping portion of it at the beginning really helped me find my niche! This [membership] helped me grow as a person, make me a better teacher and never in my wildest dream could I have imagined becoming a CEO Teacher.


Kristi Deroche
CEO Teacher school alumni

"I took this [program] with a newborn, with a full-time teaching job, and it absolutely changed my business. It wasn't until the membership launched when my husband was undergoing cancer treatment that I really realized how much I needed this membership and this community."


CEO Teacher school alumni

“My blogging game is where things have really changed for me. My blog views have increased a whopping 92% in 2020! The click throughs from my blog to TpT have increased 62%. And that traffic is the highest income behind TpT itself!”


CEO Teacher school alumni

I sold more products in the first 10 days of 2021 and made more money than any other full month since I started selling. In 10 days! Since that time I have continued to sell more from implementing the strategies that Kayse taught us.


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These are a few of my favorite things for fellow teachers, mamas, entrepreneurs, workout, music, and food obsessed go getters, curated weekly to give you the creme de la creme of what’s going to help you crush your goals in style.

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Hey there, friend! I’m a tie-dye, Crossfit, RV and music loving mama of 5, reader of 3 books a week, former full-time English teacher, and the founder of the CEO Teacher movement and I’m here to help you become the creator of your own future, income, and impact...using the skills you already have.

My husband and I came from very humble beginnings - two broke young love birds in a one-bedroom trailer with a window unit air conditioner that we had to thaw out every night with a hairdryer to where we are today. I started selling my teaching resources from the kitchen table in 2013 after grappling with a four year long stint through deep (and I mean deep) postpartum depression.

Fast forward nearly a decade of intense learning and trial and error later and I’ve not only mastered the online teacher business game but I’ve helped thousands of other teachers break through the classroom glass ceiling and bring their wildest dreams to life.

Nowadays I get to work on a 1908 farmhouse for fun, crank The Grateful Dead/Widespread Panic tunes whenever I want, and hang out with my family at the beach, in our RV, or gardening and YOU can do the same…

Meet the Founder of The CEO Teacher®:

Kayse Morris

the place where savvy teachers turn their resources and experience
into additional income where THEY make the rules.

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the place where savvy teachers turn their resources and experience
into additional income where THEY make the rules.

The CEO Teacher® Programs

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the place where savvy teachers turn their resources and experience
into additional income where THEY make the rules.

The CEO Teacher® Programs

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