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Real stories from educators who have turned their passion and expertise in the classroom into successful online businesses, making additional income as well as a larger impact on the education world.

This is Jennifer's CEO TeacherĀ® Membership Success Story

Jennifer Hofferber

Podcaster, Course Creator, Blogger, Instructional Coach, Digital Products Seller

"My husband didn't necessarily laugh at me in the beginning, but he didn't know how big it could be either."  

"That was what made me want to learn even more about how to grow this thing called a teacher business". 

She started her teacher business in 2016 with the culmination of her teacher of the year tour. She dug in to learning all the parts after hearing that teachers were making more money online than they were with their teaching salaries. 

She invested in herself and the membership after finding The CEO TeacherĀ® online, and her plans to retire with all of her years in education before she goes full time on her teaching business is on track to replace her salary when she does take the leap. 

She spends her time beyond her 7-3 typical day, working through her business, either scripting podcast episodes or learning more about how to launch her business plans. Jennifer's next steps of live launching her courses are in the works! 

Spending her nights setting up the foundation of her business fills her up. Jennifer appreciates the feeling of community inside the membership, and learning from another educator has given her the tools to keep going. 

Jennifer says fresh new ideas, and new looks are still king in this industry. She says things that were created 4-5 years ago aren't even relevant anymore, so don't feel like you are behind. Get started right away taking the skills and lessons that are laid out for you from the start and grow your ideas into a beautiful teacher business! 

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