Real stories from educators who have turned their passion and expertise in the classroom into successful online businesses, making additional income as well as a larger impact on the education world.

This is Cortney's CEO Teacher® Membership Success Story

Cortney Jenkins

Membership Maker, Digital Products Seller, Blogger, Special Education Teacher

"I'm a former Special Education Teacher, and creator of Awe In Wonder (which was not my original business idea btw)"

"Immersing myself in the lessons has been quite the journey. But here I am a year into this thing, and well on my way to the projected $100K mark."

"It is mind-blowing to me that my teacher business could surpass my beginning teacher salary while working a few days per week from home."

Cortney's journey to join was not your typical one. She originally joined one of the pop-up groups offered by the CEO Teacher® to learn a few things about her TPT store. 

She reminisces about ALL she learned over that first week and even though she didn't have the finances to join the full membership at that time, she took what she had been gifted in the week long challenge, and listened to all the podcast episodes, amd made a plan.

When the membership doors opened again she committed to a single month to learn everything she could about growing her business. She took that 30 day crash course and mapped her entire plan. The next year was spent working ferociously to try to launch her business. 

That was the point she realized she needed more support. Cortney says, "There is so much that we don't know, we don't know!" So when the time came again, she saved and made a promise to herself that she would commit. She jumped all in with the Membership to grow and scale her launch plan.

Understanding the idea that there was so much more to a teacher business beyond Teachers Pay Teachers is what catapulted Cortney's journey toward a full-time business that serves the community of people she is most passionate about. 

Creating her own teacher business has allowed Cortney to continue her passion project while in a part-time position serving her church, mommy-ing full time, and growing her business each day. Hitting that 100K mark is her next big goal and she is well on track to get that accomplished before the end of the year!

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