Being an Online Business Coach is our Highest Earning Success Path, and Here’s Why! Only 4% of teachers become millionaires because of their set district pay-scale. Buuut- teachers and other educators account for nearly 14% of the nation’s 8.6 million millionaires through nontraditional teaching opportunities, like being an online business coach. The beauty of coaching […]


Let’s Break Through The Online Coaching Business Puzzle With Actionable Steps… It’s your turn to create a community that respects your life outside of the classroom, while still allowing you to give everything you want to a career you love. That’s where an online coaching business comes in.  Teachers are uniquely positioned to support other […]


Online Coaches: Clarify Priorities, Values, And Missions For Teacher Business Owners You became a teacher because you wanted to help students, teachers, and families. Instead of selling your soul 8-5, M-F, just to climb the district payscale (an unfortunate side effect of a career you were born for), why don’t we flip the script and […]


Have You Been Searching For A Way to Leverage Your Teaching Talents and Heart of Service?  In today’s episode we are breaking down all the secrets to get started with your own online coaching program for educators. The online coaching industry is estimated to grow to $20 billion this year, suggesting an annual growth rate […]


NonTraditional Revenue Streams for Passionate Educators Ready to create a life where you can still teach in a nontraditional way? These revenue streams are education based, and education is what we do here at the CEO Teacher® but this way you get to TEACH on your own terms! Saying yes to your goals and dreams […]


5 Teacher Inspired Tips For Achieving your Life Goals With Whatever You Decide In Life! If just thinking of giving your passion project your full focus gets you excited, you’ve come to the right place. 92% of people give up before realizing their life goals. I can’t wait for you to be one of the […]


The 4 R’s For Staying Mentally Tough When Building Your Teacher Business Mental toughness for teachers is a way to embrace new challenges, and focus on your individual strengths. And when you are ready to build your teacher business you need to find ways to increase your definiteness of purpose. Come listen as we chat […]


Growing Your Business As A Classroom Teacher, One Step At A Time What do you do as a classroom teacher trying to keep the needle moving forward in your business when school resumes? And you feel the crunch of adding more to your plate with grading, lesson planning, after school activities that need carpooling, and […]


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