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Nita Creekmore’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion Friends, I am so happy today because not only is my guest going to share what diversity, equity, and inclusion is, she is also going to share WHY diversity, equity, and inclusion in education is soooooooo very, very important. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to […]


Your CEO Teacher ® mental health check in Overwhelm, imposter syndrome, general malaise, depression…we don’t talk about mental health in schools nearly enough! My guest today, luckily, is a mental health advocate who is actively changing that fact. Friends, this interview is so inspirational because it will not only debunk the idea that you have […]


From teacher to mother to social media marketing manager and beyond… I absolutely love when I can bring stories like this to your ears, stories about a teacher (and, to my surprise, a CEO Teacher® student) turned social media marketing manager and mom. Whether you’re on your way to school or washing your dishes when […]


How to overcome limiting beliefs about money As a former limiting beliefs expert, I, too, used to get sucked into the limiting beliefs about money story. Friend, I’m here to tell you – while getting a graduate degree does increase your income (I have a masters AND a specialist degree) and while, yes, a masters […]


How to become limitless while selling on TpT and beyond Sometimes when you set out to have an interview about selling on TpT, you unexpectedly receive a magical experience that sets your soul on fire. Friend, I am so excited for you, because setting your heart ablaze is exactly what today’s episode is going to […]


More than tips on search engine optimization — this is search engine optimization 101! Ah yes…Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket…and by that I mean tips on Search Engine Optimization. Admittedly, I reference SEO a lot throughout this podcast. And the reason I do, of course, is because when I learned the techniques of search engine optimization, […]


When it comes to your TpT Store Name, your TpT Store Banner Size, and your TpT Store Rank…“Choose Your Hard” I did it. I ventured to the other side. Thanks to my 17 year old son, this 34 year old mamma of 5 (that’s me!) downloaded TikTok. Here’s the deal, friend, downloading TikTok is way […]


Where fairytales come true: a story on how to live your best life I have secretly been planning this podcast episode — all about how to live your best life — in my mind for more than two years. Bringing this story to you, friend, is…well, a dream come true. As you’ll soon hear, it […]