Generating Income Online and From Home Can Be Easy When You Start Thinking About What You Have Already Done Not all teachers want to be generating income from website content, or even thinking about generating income for tomorrow (you know like retirement). In today’s episode, we are going to break down the 10 ways I […]


A Teacher Marketing Funnel Does Not Have to Be Complicated or Convoluted! A marketing funnel is simply the sequence you move through from awareness to purchase opportunity and finally loyalty. Everything in life requires you to nurture it. Whether it’s a relationship in your day-to-day life. Or a relationship with your audience and email subscribers. […]


Set Yourself Up for Back-to-School Success with these Marketing Tips for Teachers Newsflash: you can’t use the same marketing ideas you were using three, five, or ten years ago today. One of my biggest tips for teachers starting or growing their teacher businesses is to be easily adaptable. Just like when you’re in the classroom […]


Teacher Burn Out is real, but what if you could do a 180° on that mindset? I’m talking about a new kind of love that you find within yourself. One that makes you feel worthy and full of life again, allows you to see the good in the bad, and gives you the freedom to […]


STOP: If your teacher salary is barely paying the bills right now… Figure out what you want and set your intentions to get there.  Do you want to leave the classroom but stay in education?  Do you want to be able to work part-time and make full-time money?  Do you want to work from home […]


Design A Summer Job for Teacher Entrepreneurs That You Can Fall In Love With Teachers are tired of stretching that 10-month paycheck over 12 months with no real strategy. What if this summer you decided to take what you already know and love- hello teaching, and turn it into a profitable business? One that can […]


Don’t Wait Another Summer to Unlock Your “Teacher Summer Job” Business Potential Summer is in full swing. Whether it’s lazy nights in the garden or sunshine-filled days on the beach. It’s time for you to make all those teacher ideas and your teacher summer job work for you, while you relax and do the things […]


Why Your Teacher Resources May Not Be Selling Like Hotcakes…YET After helping teachers who sell their teaching resources online for five years, I have seen most of them make the same mistakes. And you may be making them, too! It’s not like you went to school to be an entrepreneur, right?  Let’s examine your current […]


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