Or How to write Emails for TpT Sales Without selling Oh hey there, teach! On today’s show I’m going to share with you how we — that is, we at Team Kayse — write emails to teachers (and I don’t mean your kid’s teachers either, but instead I mean those teachers that might become your […]


How to Sell on Teachers pay Teachers by Streamlining Your Strategy Hey Friend! Are you googling “teachers pay teachers answers” or “teachers pay teachers help” at random hours of the day (or night…), desperately searching for a glimmer of hope to send your TpT sales into overdrive? Are you taking a stab at selling on […]


A Musical Teacher Membership worth Singing About Hey CEO Teachers! It’s music to my ears…I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to switch gears from talking about Instagram and, instead, to focus on another really important area of your business – your teacher membership sites! That’s why today I’m interviewing Tim Topham […]


Let’s Talk About How to Use Instagram Reels Instagram, Instagram Reels, Instagram Reels time limit…and what’s the deal with Instagram Reels music?…oh my gosh, friend, I hear you! There is so much buzz around Instagram Reels, it makes a beehive spin. You have a lot of questions. And in this tutorial, I will simplify and […]


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Instagram marketing secrets not likely found on the web Hey friend! Do you ever feel like Google hides the best Instagram secrets in a locked box at the bottom of the ocean guarded by a giant octopus and mean-looking fish? Secrets like…where can I find the Instagram Engagement Rate calculator? Or…how do I grow my […]


How to start a Teacher Instagram Account Hey Teachers! Recently, we asked you for a favor. You see, inside of our membership and our academy we cover a LOT of topics. But some of those topics are so big – we decided to ask, “HEY! What do you need more help with in a more […]


 Boost your conversion rate by Creating Teachers Pay Teachers Video Previews for Your Products A few years ago, Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) rolled out a new initiative that allows you to attach a video preview to your TPT products. And ever since, there have been a LOT of questions. Questions like: What can this […]