How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Business Hey CEO Teachers! As you wade through all of the noise out there about which social media platform is best to use to market your business, it can often seem like Pinterest…well, shouldn’t be one of them. But, as you’ll hear, a lot has changed on Pinterest. […]


 Why Sales Drop during the Summer and What to do about it Hey CEO Teachers! I see you, wanting to kick off your shoes, dip your toes in the water, and enjoy that long overdue beach day as you bask in the beautiful rays of the summer sun. Then I see you checking your […]


Start a membership like Netflix in 2021 Hey CEO Teachers! Today I am interviewing an online membership maven and, yes, someone who only recently started her online membership platform AND is running her membership like Netflix within one year of starting it! If you don’t already know Jess Massey, I have no doubt that you […]


How to Sell a Membership in Just a Few Months Hey CEO Teacher®! One of my favorite things to do as an online entrepreneur is to interview some of my favorite people, people that have helped change my life, and people that can help show you what is possible as a CEO Teacher®. And that’s […]


From AP Essay Writing to YouTube-ing to Business Building Hey CEO teachers! Have you ever wanted to take your area of expertise — something like, say…AP essay writing — and turn it into a successful YouTube channel AND an even more successful business? Does that sound impossible? Well, friend, even if you’re not an expert […]

Beth-Hall-AP-Essay-Writing-to-CEO-Teacher® Business

What Teacher Maternity Leave Actually Looks Like & How to Navigate it For all of you mamas, soon to be mamas, or anyone who hopes to start a family of their own one day, here’s a little bit about my FIRST fully planned teacher maternity leave. You’re not going to believe this, but I only took […]


How to run your own race as a Teachers pay Teachers Top Seller Hey there CEO Teacher friend! I want to take you back in time and, no, I’m not talking Marty-McFly-Back-to-the-Future in time, but instead I’m talking back to the Teachers Pay Teachers days of yore. Back then, Teachers pay Teachers top sellers could […]


The Business of Being Your Own Business Copywriter Hey CEO teachers®! Okay, so I know that “one of my favorite humans” is said A LOT around here (and let’s be real a second, it’s said a lot by me…), but I am SO excited to introduce you to today’s guest, Chanti Zak. Chanti is a […]