One music teacher and all the advice on how to grow a teacher business Calling all my music teachers: today’s podcast episode is a behind-the-scenes coaching call with one music teacher asking all of the teacher business questions. Friends, I am so excited to introduce you to Juila Harvey-Trappel. Julia is an Australian teacher still […]


As you are goal setting for the new year, ask yourself: What will be your purpose next year? Instead of a quick marketing tip, This week’s episode is going to take you on a reflective path. One that is necessary for your growth and goal setting for the new year. Don’t skip doing your homework […]

Goal setting for the new year

What you need to know about sales tax on digital products I am so excited to be talking about today’s topic – sales tax on digital products – although I’m most excited for my guest to take the lead because, frankly, sales tax compliance scares me. As a former English teacher, I am scared to […]


How Can Teachers Earn Extra Money Just By Using Their Teacher Magic? Join me today while I chat with Johanna Kuiper, a middle school math teacher who has ALWAYS loved math. She became a math teacher to push back against the stigma that only MATH PEOPLE can do and love math. And the best part? […]

extra income for teachers

Three teacher entrepreneurs share how to make a successful teacher business To all of the teacher entrepreneurs out there, whether you’re a teacher entrepreneur already or whether you’re one in the making, today I’m chatting with three Level Two students from the CEO Teacher® Academy. Friends, these three exceptional teachers have found success in their […]


All About How This Teacher Turned Her Passion In The Classroom and Experience as a Teacher, to Help Teachers in Another Way Shannon Kline, is a mom of six, a grandma, a wife, a full-time classroom teacher with 15 years of experience in education (private & public), a business owner, and much more. She used […]

experience as a teacher

Two students from The CEO Teacher® programs share how to make more money as a teacher  One of the best parts of my job is recording this podcast each week, and today is extra special because I have two amazing students sharing how to make more money as a teacher. If you’ve ever wondered how […]


How This Teacher Turned Her Classroom Creations Into a Teacher Side Business Cristina Burrows is a mom of 2 little boys and teaches 7th and 8th grade Math. She creates resources for middle school math teachers who need easy-to-follow teaching resources and engaging activities for their students. She shares how small, consistent actions in her […]

teacher side business