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Less Work, More Play or how to work less and enjoy more as a teacher Once upon a time, the phrase, “Less work, more play,” would have sounded like a fantastical claim. It sounds like the kind of thing – had someone said it to me – that I’d have internally rolled my eyes at. […]


How to be successful with Etsy as a CEO Teacher®  One huge question that I often get here at The CEO Teacher® podcast is, “How to be successful with Etsy?” It’s a great question, friends, and while I may not be the most experienced at selling on Etsy, my two guests today are. And with […]


The mindset shift that changed my life While preparing for today’s episode on mindset shift examples, I had to – surprisingly – shift my mindset. Why? Because in my research things turned out a little different than I expected. Before writing this episode, I took my changing-your-mindset hypothesis to the Level 2 CEO Teacher® Membership […]


The Top 5 Strategies for Teacher Collaboration as an Entrepreneur Strategies for a teacher collaboration may come in many forms. From working together on a blog post to creating a summit or professional development opportunity to sharing each other’s info on social media, teacher collaboration strategies are plentiful. Strategies for the best teacher collaboration, on […]


10 life lessons from a multi-million dollar membership for teachers Although this isn’t my typical podcast, it’s one that I have enjoyed thinking through the process. And I hope that the 10 life lessons I’ve learned since creating a multi-million dollar membership for teachers can somehow help you on your online journey as a teacher. […]


How to build a brand online, offline, or even…on the farm Even though my guest today, Lauren Denny, started her first business not that long ago, in her short time operating MULTIPLE businesses – I believe – she has stumbled on how to build a brand that will last a lifetime. I wanted Lauren on […]


Limitless success begins when you minimize self-sabotaging behaviors On the way home from a jam-packed spring break, I reflected on a time when I saw the world through a self-sabotaging mindset. Once upon a time, my self-sabotaging behaviors ran the show. Granted, this was before I became the CEO of The CEO Teacher® programs and, […]


Why negative feedback in business is an opportunity to grow Shaky hands, nervous stomach, no appetite, mind racing, tears, anger – those are just a few of the feelings that I used to get when I received negative feedback in business. I specifically remember the first time I got negative TpT feedback. I thought it […]