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Hey friend!

Tie dye lovin’, audiobook obsessed, growth-minded, faith led, CrossFit powered, small town Georgia English teacher, mama of five turned 7-figure online teacher business owner and founder of the CEO Teacher® movement.

I’m Kayse Morris 

Are you with me?

To give you the tools to ride
these tidal waves of change and
create the life for yourself and
your family that you’ve always
dreamed of.

my mission:

The education system is transforming faster than a teenager
during a growth spurt 

But before we get to that, let’s bring the focus back to the real hero here: YOU (yes, you!)

This is the story all about how my teacher life got flip-turned upside down and how the CEO Teacher® community came to be…

All over the world.

Because the only thing that lights me up more than empowering children to read… Is empowering teachers like YOU to take control of your life and create some much deserved FREEDOM — all while helping more students, teachers, and parents.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved teaching in the classroom. But when I discovered the secrets to growing a teacher business that lasts — I knew I had to step out of the classroom and do everything I could to help YOU do the same. My mission is NOT to pull you from the classroom, but to empower you to step into your truth - whatever that might be.

+ Stressed out and overworked.

+ Giving everything I had to my students and school.

+ Spending my evenings grading papers. And my chaotic mornings planning classes.

+ Wishing I had more time for my babies and husband.

+ All while living off of our credit cards and wondering where my next student loan payments were coming from.

Because I’ve been where you are…

With CEO Teacher®, teachers just like you are learning to leverage their teaching skills (and special magic), existing expertise, and huge hearts so they can build profitable and purposeful online teacher businesses.

Vibrant, hard working, big hearted, coffee and flair pen fueled superstar in a cardigan. You became a teacher to make a difference. To help raise and prepare the next generation of world changers...to change the world one student - one school day at a time.

How I went from mountains of debt and barely paying my Netflix bill to 7-figure CEO Teacher®

you might be wondering...

No matter what I was going through on the inside. They helped me be my best self.

And I was afraid to ask for help.

I discovered TPT when I was going through a dark night of the soul. I was anxious, suffering from deep postpartum depression, and so much financial stress.

I had nothing left to give to my students, my family, or myself. And I barely had the energy to get myself to school. Let alone plan all of the lessons, create all of the worksheets, and figure out how to make learning fun for my students.

The resources I found online helped me show up for my students and be the best teacher I could be. 

When I first started sharing my ideas online, I didn’t even know how to create a sellable worksheet, let alone a design a course, start a podcast, I had NO IDEA what SEO even was, or how to show up authentically and connect with my specific audience.

You should have seen me struggle to make my first resource in Microsoft Word 😂 (Hot tip… Use PowerPoint, friend!) Or the 3 people who showed up to watch my first IG Live. 🙌 Shout out to my mama! 

That so many of my students would double their teaching incomes (lots of them within a year of starting their own online teacher biz).

And that some of them would become 6-figure CEO Teachers® in their own rights.

I started selling my resources to give back (and to pay my Netflix bill #startsmall)

I never imagined I’d one day be helping thousands of other teachers become the CEOs of their own teacher businesses, using the success pathways and frameworks that make up the backbone of the CEO Teacher®. 

Then when I made $50 that first month sharing my own ideas? That’s when I realized that…

That $50 was just the beginning…

By year three I had made → and learned from ← all sorts of mistakes and almost tripled my teaching income.

Which is why I knew I had to go all in and I decided to leave the classroom so I could study with online business masters.

I decided to take all of the lessons and teachings I’d learned along the way to create the world’s only online business school made especially for teachers:

Here’s a peek
at how I made it happen and you can too!

timeline of

Over 3,000 teachers in our memberships worldwide and our students begin making over $100,000 a year.

I still thank God every day for each and every student and know that our best days are yet to come. We are forever grateful.

The CEO Teacher® School
The CEO Teacher® academy

We finally figured out how to help empower teachers all over the world to leave a legacy online with our 2 memberships.

Level 1 :: 
Level 2 :: 

years seven-eight 2020-2022

Our programs reached nearly 2,000 teachers worldwide and our students begin to earn their teaching salaries just by offering their own beautiful ideas online.

It still doesn’t feel real and I still can’t put into words how grateful I am to have this life all because of teachers like YOU.

1 Million Dollars!

The CEO Teacher® Academy is born and Transform Your Resources becomes the Make Your Mark Membership!

year six 2019

(Started to help SO many more teachers create and design online offers that actually sell!)

Nearly a half a million in revenue and I cried myself to sleep every night and hit my knees with gratitude.

Transform Your Resources (the first generation of The CEO Teacher®) is born!

year five 2018

(Starting to gain some traction. Invested in so many business masterminds. And found a new community of #CollaborationOverCompetition minded biz besties!)

$100,000 + and left the classroom to pursue this dream full-time!

Oh, the chipmunk-voice, YouTubing days…

year four 2017

(Time to start taking this teacher business thing wayyy more seriously!)

$95k just from selling my teaching resources online

Started blogging, launched my website, and learned SEO

year three 2016

(Finally able to start paying my student loans without panicking!)

$6545.55 from Teachers Pay Teachers

Found my main thing and started to leverage it

year two 2015

(Takin’ my hubby out for dinner AND paying a babysitter!)

$419.02 from Teachers Pay Teachers

Created 27 resources

year one 2014

(Payin’ my Netflix bills, y’all!)

$50 from Teachers Pay Teachers

Barely knew how to make a teaching resource

month one 2013

Our members are showing up and showing out: some are on their way to making half a million dollars! 

The CEO Teacher® Podcast reached over one million downloads!

Simplified our program to the CEO Teacher® Membership: a one-stop business school for educators!

year nine 2023


Hey friends! I’m Tina, the born and raised farm girl headed for high mountain living! You will find me most days drinking way too much coffee raising puppies, living the RV life, and encouraging hands-on nature-based education! I became a student of the original CEO Teacher® program (TYR) in 2018, and a member of Team CEO Teacher® in November of 2020! As your Community Leader, and certified CEO Teacher® Coach, I am here to assist the team while we work to serve our community authentically, and empower each and every educator to share their passion with the world! 

In House CopyWriter


Hey! I'm Allie - a new resident of Denver, Colorado with a passion for teaching, connecting with and serving teachers, and traveling the world! You can usually find me hanging out at local coffeeshops, spending time with my people, working on my business, or decorating my apartment on a dime (mostly with houseplants!). I've been a student of Kayse's since November of 2018, and I became a member of the CEO Teacher® Team in January of 2020. I love serving our community and team as Integrator & a Certified CEO Teacher® Coach!

Integrator & Graphic designer


Hi ya'll! I am Kiara - a Florida girl with a heart for serving others. You can find me getting lost in the aisles of Target, running, or glued to the TV watching a documentary! I became a student in the CEO Teacher® School February 2021 and joined the CEO Teacher® Team in September 2021. As Customer Service Support, I am here to answer any questions a member of our community may have and cheer everyone on as they reach all of their CEO Teacher® Goals!



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