The Step-By-Step CEO Teacher® Approach to a Successful Teacher Business

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  1. […] Committing to a mission and vision can be time consuming, a bit of a struggle for the people pleaser… But I love the idea that Kelly took action that brought clarity. A lot of people get really nervous when starting out. They want to serve everyone. They worry that by narrowing their niche they will be cutting out the people they can reach. But when you get clear on your audience and niche down, you actually gain more clarity and expand your reach and influence.  […]

  2. […] Getting clarity is so important. Jocelynn says one of the big mistakes that she made at the very beginning of her journey was doing whatever anybody needed in their school. They asked her to teach vocabulary, and classroom management, and shore up their social studies content. But it's about the one specific thing that you know how to do and the transformation that you are able to help teachers or leaders create. So take some time to get clear on your area of expertise.  […]

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