Real stories from educators who have turned their passion and expertise in the classroom into successful online businesses, making additional income as well as a larger impact on the education world.

This is Alyssa's CEO Teacher® Membership Success Story

Alyssa Broome

Physical and Digital Products Seller, Blogger, Influencer 

"I was looking to [create] chic education accessories and fashion for teachers. CEO Teacher® gave me guidance and direction to get my store off the ground."

Alyssa is a full-time mama and former teacher who wanted to bring simple, but powerful statement pieces to educators around the world. 

She started by creating pieces that she knew she wanted to wear, not necessarily just with jeans (that wasn't who she was) but as a way to make a statement. 

She is aware that at the time she began there were no other women who looked like her doing what she was doing. And she was ready to share her voice in the online space. 

That's when she found the CEO Teacher® Membership, and got answers to all her burning questions: How to sell products online, where to find her perfect audience plus connecting with her fans and supporting repeat customers. 

Alyssa was able to apply the strategies like SEO and repurposing content across multiple platforms to show up in a bigger way. 

Then as life can, and sometimes does, it took a turn and Alyssa had to put her CEO Teacher® dreams on hold for a bit.

When she returned to the Membership (not only was she welcomed with open arms) but she came with a renewed sense of worth.

She knew rejoining the CEO Teacher® Membership was a vital step for the GROWTH of her business. 

It is in this new season that she has regular sales and the foundation for blogging, podcasting, and YouTubing. And she recently crossed course creation off her vision board when she turned it into a reality...

Alyssa now has her own LLC, business accounts across all platforms, created not only an Etsy and TPT shop, but also a beautifully, DIY-designed storefront on her own website. Using the tools and templates inside the membership she has created a solid foundation for her business and is on track to triple her teaching salary this year! 

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