Real stories from educators who have turned their passion and expertise in the classroom into successful online businesses, making additional income as well as a larger impact on the education world.

This is Sarah's CEO Teacher® Membership Success Story

Sarah Takacs

Tutor, Digital Products Seller, Blogger, YouTuber 

Sarah began her journey as a CEO Teacher® in the spring of 2022. When she was looking for a way to get her ideas into the hands of elementary writing teachers beyond the walls of her own classroom.

All of her experiences in the education field from 3rd grade teacher…to special education aide…to librarian…are what brought her to transition to full-time writing teacher and tutor.

Since joining the CEO Teacher® Membership, Sarah has used all the SEO tips and techniques to optimize her content. And she was so excited to see that it actually works!

Even though she didn't have a plan in the beginning other than action brings clarity, she began her Youtube channel and began experimenting with trial and error.

She says it was actually way easier than she thought once she got started and applied the strategies and systems she learned in the CEO Teacher® Membership and through the community.

Sarah has taken on multiple success paths (tutor, blogger, digital resource creator) and has found her journey is paying off in many ways. 

She now has multiple successful platforms where she is ranking for keywords, gaining domain authority, and connecting with her audience helping to grow confident writers. 

Sarah supports writers of the elementary age group. She has gone all-in with her specific niche (and passion), and continues to show up for her audience each and every day!

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"I just passed 500 email subscribers! And I uploaded my first YouTube video, and it already ranks on the first page of search results for multiple keywords!"

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