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Real stories from educators who have turned their passion and expertise in the classroom into successful online businesses, making additional income as well as a larger impact on the education world.

This is Tara's CEO Teacher® Membership Success Story


Preschool SLP, Physical and Digital Products Seller, Course Creator, Membership Mastermind, Podcaster

I have gone from a “side gig” to a full-fledged business, earning 6 figures multiple years in a row! Which allowed me to leave the classroom full time and pursue my passions! 

As an educator, I always thought that my income would be limited to what the pay scale told me. Nothing I could do in the school system could increase my income…it was just a set thing…out of my control.

Well, I’m happy to say, that thinking is a thing of the past. I’m now in control of my financial destiny.

I’m able to help and serve more educators and parents (on a global level) than I ever thought possible…I had no idea that this type of impact was possible.

My advice for others: I wish I would have known about Kayse and the CEO Teacher​®️ Membership earlier on in my journey because it would have saved me from a lot of headaches and mistakes.

Whether you are just starting out, or are already [sharing your offers online], there is SO much to learn. Don’t try to piece it together by yourself!

There is a proven way, a mentor and coach to help make the journey easier for you. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Tara supports adults who care for children with autism with her podcast, digital products, course, and membership. She has also made thousands of dollars selling stickers to her customers as well. Tara has gone all-in with her specific niche (and passion), and it is paying off!

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"My main digital course brought in $30,000 in a few short days! We are so grateful, as this provided us with the down payment for our dream home."

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