College taught you how to be an impactful educator, not how to run a successful online business. That's where we come in...

The CEO Teacher® Membership

welcome to the one-stop program for educators ready to make the shift from teacher-on-payroll to creator-of-your-own-destiny

Exclusive Digital Business Lessons 

live community coaching

a Community Support System 

Time Saving Tools And Templates 

that you can use time and again to streamline and set your business on autopilot

of encouraging teachers who are on the same journey as you

that will help you get unstuck, get feedback, and gain clarity to move forward

developed by an educator for educators with a unique, teacher-focused business mindset

Experience The Complete
CEO Teacher® Package

The only membership you’ll need to turn your teaching ideas and passion into a thriving online business that gives you more freedom than you ever thought possible!

With A Single Click, You’ll Have at Your Fingertips All Of The Foundational Learning And Groundwork Steps for Building a Successful Business:
Ideas for branding, logos, and content creation 

Actionable steps to create a legit online business without all the hassle of adding extra busy work to your teacher plate

The secret sauce to getting found online

How to curate an audience of true fans

10 different success pathways to share your ideas beyond the 4 walls of your classroom (without leaving your students behind)

Plus, When You Join Us Inside The Comprehensive Business Academy For Teachers, You’ll Gain Instant Access To Even More Higher-Level Content: 

How to create your business website

Blogging like the teacher boss you are

Connection marketing through email, social media, and more

How to increase your sales by optimizing your content and creating sales funnels
Creating your own website storefront
Developing & launching programs and services, and more...

tam milledge

"My husband and I have recently launched a teacher membership, and I'm excited to let you know that we've had over 3000 members join! I feel super lucky to have been able to combine my teacher/leadership experience with my husband's web developer/software experience! We found a gap in the market, and created something unique to support teachers."

kaci bolls

"I was hesitant to start at first! In the beginning, I was naive about SO much regarding the tech side of things. 
And NOW? I have grown my email list from 0 to 571, grown my IG to over 20K, and started the process of writing my first children’s book."

Desiree greene

"I launched our new Black History store on my website in January. The total revenue of Black history resources in just 6 weeks is $900.00 and counting! Last year, our total product sales for the entire year was $434.00, which means I’ve more than doubled my last year's sales in just 6 weeks. 
Because of the Membership, I get to be a stay-at-home mom & homeschool my son, which has been one of my dreams. I love the flexibility & time I have now to do what I want to do, when I want to do it."


"I launched my membership program with a clear message that resonated with my audience. The entire process was so much smoother thanks to the CEO Teacher® Membership!

And the results were just incredible! My sales page had a 5% conversion rate, and I welcomed 49 new members, which exceeded my goal of 35. I couldn't be happier! Right now I have 190 members inside my membership creating more options for me."

WHAT OUR members have to say...

Fast-Track Your Way to Teacher Success in 2023

What if you could have everything you need to make the income and impact you want at your fingertips? The CEO Teacher® Membership is your one-stop–teacher-shop to creating a sustainable online business. 

When you join the CEO Teacher® Membership, you gain instant access to hundreds of step-by-step business lessons for teachers. I went through all of the painful trial and error so you don't have to! We also provide you with the support to help you keep the promises you make to yourself, including

Group Coaching & Coworking Every Month to stay on track with your goals

A Template Library with New Tools Added Every Month to Streamline Your work

The Most Supportive Community of Educators on the Internet

Is the CEO Teacher® Membership Right for Me?

the CEO Teacher® membership is your next step if...

You are looking to make hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in additional income every month
You want more freedom and flexibility in your life

You have thought about using your teaching expertise and passion to create products, programs, or services to help other teachers, parents, or students but don't know where to start.

You're ready to expand your knowledge and learn how to show up online with SEO, marketing strategies, and more.
You're searching for your people and want to be a part of a community of uplifting educators who share your passion for education and doing something more with your life.

the CEO Teacher® membership is not for you if...

You agree with the cap your current payscale provides

You have achieved all of your dreams and desires 

You like to know someone else is holding all the cards when it comes to your worth 
You already have enough friends and colleagues that understand and support your journey

When you join the CEO Teacher® Membership, you gain instant access to a community of driven, inspired, business-minded educators plus all the lessons, coaching, and tools needed to ignite your passion and purpose and create a sustainable business that lights you up inside and gives you the freedom you desire.

You Will Get Immediate Access to the CEO Teacher® Membership with:
          Almost 300 Tutorial-Style Lessons

           Live Coaching Every Month

           A Robust Library of Templates

           New Design Tools Every Month

           A Supportive Community


$57 per month

Pay As You Go

billed annually (save $138 vs. monthly) 

For educators committing to themselves and the process long-term, who are looking to make thousands of dollars a month and are ready to put in the work to make it happen.


You Will Get Immediate Access to the CEO Teacher® Membership with:
          Almost 300 Tutorial-Style Lessons

           Live Coaching Every Month

           A Robust Library of Templates

           New Design Tools Every Month

           A Supportive Community


$69 per month

Get two months free!

For educators ready to explore starting a side hustle or making hundreds of dollars a month with one, but not quite sure they’re ready to go all-in.

annual Discount

You Were Made For More!

Make the Impact and Income You Desire With a Proven System & The Support to Get There

 CEO Teacher® Membership

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If you are new to our community, we recommend starting with the Teacher Income Challenge: a four-week precursor to the CEO Teacher® Membership where you'll build the foundation of your business step-by-step.

You only need to subscribe once, so take a look at the challenge to see if it's a good fit for you. Everything in the challenge is what I wish I knew when I was first starting my business - we're setting you up for MAJOR success here! Are you up for the challenge?