How to Make Worksheets and Other Resources to Sell Online

CEO Teacher
  1. […] here’s the thing – product creation is always number one. If you aren’t putting out new products, people forget about you. They […]

  2. […] open and honest about their struggles.  As I was listening to Stephanie and Loreal talk about sharing their business and Teachers Pay Teachers store I realized I needed to break that down a bit. They had to make the decision to split a teaching […]

  3. […] corny, I know, but hear me out — When it’s time to put all your TpT product pieces together, PowerPoint is your BFF. I hear from tons of sellers who create their resources in Google Slides or Microsoft Word, but […]

  4. […] She thought I knew PowerPoint and knew certain things about resource creation. She began thinking about so many different avenues she could take her products like emails and blogging. Then she felt that she needed a following on Instagram. She thought that it would help her. But what she learned is that IG followers play no role in her Teachers Pay Teachers store, or a very small role compared to the other business aspects.  She credits learning a lot of those aspects through the CEO Teachers® School. Her first real year during the back-to-school season on TPT she made over $1,200 in August. So from April to August, after joining the CEO Teacher® School, she had already made a very significant amount of money, much more than anticipated.  […]

  5. […] Ready to get the product creation wheel spinning like a well-oiled machine! […]

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