Because even though teachers shouldn’t have to supplement their salary, we do. 

The CEO Teacher® helps educators turn what they already know and love (teaching!) into successful & sustainable online businesses. You provide the passion and expertise, and we give you the business know-how and marketing strategy to turn your greatest strength in the classroom into something so much more!

It all starts with
The Teacher Income Challenge

A four-week bootcamp to get you on the path to building a business that lights you up inside and provides you with the limitless freedom you desire. 

This challenge will give you the coaching, tools, and support you need to go from teacher-on-payroll to creator-of-your-own-destiny.

Set yourself up for massive success.
Start a side hustle that doesn’t take you away from your family.

Create a thriving business in just 20 minutes a day.

Use strategy and systems to supplement your teaching income.

Stop waiting for the *right time.*

Skip the painful learning curve.

Find Financial Freedom Without Leaving Your Students Behind

Whether you love teaching with your whole heart and want to keep molding little minds with just a bit more flexibility or have the desire to leave the classroom and pursue a different path, The CEO Teacher® is for you!

In the Teacher Income Challenge, you will build a strong foundation for your online teacher business by going through our SCHOOL framework, step-by-step.







etting Your Intention

hoosing Your Main Thing

ow will you solve a problem?

wn your Journey & Choose a Success Path

rchestrate a Plan & Mind Map

earn the Exact Steps

The Teacher Income Challenge

Here’s what you can expect from this self-paced six-part jumpstart to expanding your reach past the four walls of your classroom. Each part of this challenge, you will get:
A Challenge Guide PDF with the worksheets, templates, and notes pages you need to implement what you learn.
A Video Training from Kayse.
Badges to Track Your Progress.

Starts April 17! 

And a Smooth Transition into The CEO Teacher® Membership after the four-week challenge where you’ll take the foundation you built and start making your mark on the world (and the $$$ you deserve!).

Fast-Track Your Way to Teacher Success in 2023

What if you could have everything you need to make the income and impact you want at your fingertips? The CEO Teacher® Membership is your one-stop–teacher-shop to creating a sustainable online business. 

After your first month in the Teacher Income Challenge, you will be automatically enrolled into The CEO Teacher® Membership. Your membership fee is your all-access pass to hundreds of tutorial-style lessons made by a teacher specifically for teachers PLUS:

Group Coaching & Coworking Every Month to stay on track with your goals

A Template Library with New Tools Added Every Month to Streamline Your work

The Most Supportive Community of Educators on the Internet

Kylie Burrett

“Our lives are RADICALLY different! I created a successful 6 figure online course which allowed me to leave the classroom. I have an online design school with over 500 schools registered across 10 countries. [Before The CEO Teacher®] I was alone teaching and supporting my husband. Now I have a community. I have a plan. I now walk on the beach each morning instead of rushing off to commute. And my tools and programs have reached thousands of students across the world.”

Alyssa Broome

“When I saw [accessories and fashion] that were catered to teachers, it was rarely anything I would want to wear. I wanted to bring simple, but powerful statement pieces. I wanted my tshirts to be worn in a fashionable way. A year later, I have a growing popular business [with over a thousand sales] and greater aspirations.”

Renee Hayes

“One of my very first notes from [Kayse] is to become a CEO before results. And I said, okay, fine. I'll get my LLC. I'll think business-minded as in I'm already there. And that leads us to now where I have a TPT store, and I took all of that knowledge and wrote [and self-published] my first children's book.”


"Because of the success of my teacher business, I’ve been able to pay off my debt and buy a house in the country in 2022. I have not only matched my teacher's salary, but have now more than doubled it. I absolutely would not be where I am now without Kayse Morris and the CEO Teacher® Membership."

WHAT OUR STUDENTS have to say...

6-Part Challenge that will help you build the foundation of your teacher business with:
           Step-By-Step Training Videos
           Worksheets & Templates
           Challenge Completion Tracker

Immediate Access to the CEO Teacher® Membership with:
           Tutorial-Style Lessons
           Live Coaching
           Monthly Tools & Templates
           A Supportive Community



Pay As You Go

per month, billed annually (save $118 vs. monthly) 

For educators committing to themselves and the process long-term, who are looking to make thousands of dollars a month and are ready to put in the work to make it happen.



Get two months free!

per month

6-Part Challenge that will help you build the foundation of your teacher business with:
           Step-By-Step Training Videos
           Worksheets & Templates
           Challenge Completion Tracker


After your 4 week intro, you will be automatically enrolled to the CEO Teacher® Membership to continue your momentum and grow the business you are creating. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

For educators ready to explore starting a side hustle or making hundreds of dollars a month with one, but not quite sure they’re ready to go all-in.

annual Discount

You Were Made For More!

Make the Impact and Income You Desire With a Proven System & The Support You Need

Teacher Income Challenge + CEO Teacher® Membership

Kayse Morris

Meet Your Guide,

Hey there, friend! I’m a tie-dye, Crossfit, RV and music loving mama of 5, former full-time English teacher, and the founder of the CEO Teacher® movement. I’m here to help you become the creator of your own future, income, and impact...using the skills you already have.

I started selling my teaching resources from the kitchen table in 2013 after grappling with a four year long stint through deep (and I mean deep) postpartum depression. Fast forward nearly a decade of intense learning and trial and error later, and I’ve not only mastered the online teacher business game but I’ve helped thousands of other teachers break through the classroom glass ceiling and bring their wildest dreams to life.

Nowadays I get to work on a 1908 farmhouse for fun, crank The Grateful Dead/Widespread Panic tunes whenever I want, and hang out with my family at the beach, in our RV, or gardening and YOU can do the same…

Here are the As to all your Qs about

I see a raised hand in the back!

The Teacher Income Challenge

Are there any prerequisites for the Teacher Income Challenge? This is totally new to me.


No - we welcome any educators who want to make more money doing what they love. We start at the very beginning and help you step-by-step to build a foundation for your business, so that you're ready to grow quickly and make money when you transition to The CEO Teacher® Membership.


Is the challenge self-paced?

Yes! You will have access to the entire challenge when you purchase. We have broken it up into four weeks of work, but you can take it as fast or as slow as you'd like. In 30 days, your membership will renew, and you will have access to the CEO Teacher® Membership in addition to the challenge for as long as your subscription is active.


Where did Level 1 (The CEO Teacher® School) and Level 2 (The CEO Teacher® Academy) go?

Everything is now all combined into one simple membership! When you transition to The CEO Teacher® Membership, all of the content will be there for you.


What if I just want to do the challenge, not the membership?

If you'd prefer to just start with the challenge, purchase the monthly payment option. Then, start the challenge and see how you feel about everything. If you still feel like you don't want to join the membership after diving into the challenge, you may cancel your subscription before it renews so you won't be charged again.


I already have a teacher business. Do I need the challenge or can I go directly to the membership?

If you haven't been in the CEO Teacher® Programs before, or if it's been awhile, we recommend starting with the challenge. You will be able to use the challenge to make sure your business has a strong foundation, and you'll probably learn something new too!
But if you're simply wanting to join or rejoin the membership, click the button below.

join the membership