How to Sell On Teachers Pay Teachers With Strategy & Systems

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  1. […] things to mention for people that are just selling on Teachers Pay Teachers right now, which is an online marketplace for teachers to sell their lesson plans. And you know, what we teach inside of our programs is how to get those lesson plans on there, but […]

  2. […] Make a few minor tweaks to the worksheet then list it on Teachers Pay Teachers, so you can start making more money and saving for a family vacation to The Wizarding World of […]

  3. […] even if they're scary and they're not expected. When it came to TPT and opened up their store, their first product took so long to create. They got hung up in all the details. Was it convenient for a teacher? Was it priced correctly? […]

  4. […] I began dreaming about dreams that I would have never thought possible before. The burning desire to write a book, speak in front of thousands of people and create a unique […]

  5. […] Selling on TPT turned my life around, and I have shared that story so many times. But I want to showcase these three amazing ladies who are students inside of the CEO Teacher® School. And we're going to talk about how they are rocking it in their business. As we start I want to share a bit about each of them and their journey to selling on TPT through the CEO Teacher® School.  […]

  6. […] How to Sell On Teachers Pay Teachers With Strategies And Systems […]

  7. […] the list goes on and on. It can be a logistical nightmare OR it can be a smooth and easy system. Systems are how you gain traction in your business. Creating systems around everything you do allows you to get a lot more done in a lot less time. […]

  8. […] to note here, how self-aware you are is a direct correlation to this idea. Saying to yourself, wow, I'm doing too much and I need to reassess and see if this is maintainable for my mental health. And I think finding that balance between it's okay to want to do everything. You can still be that […]

  9. […] I know as a reader you may have started selling lesson plans online or going on Teachers Pay Teacher…. one big thing that we encourage is to really understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to get your product out to the masses.  But what Brooklyn does is unique because she’s coaching and training people. It's more of a one-on-one situation, which is a great stepping stone for some of our students that are moving into the coaching realm. Which by the way I think is the million-dollar ticket for teachers. Become a coach in 2021 or 2022, because that's what we are every single day.  We are the coach and cheerleader and teacher.  […]

  10. […] Yes, you do. Because people are only buying from the stores that are on sale. And I made the mistake one time and forgot to put my store on sale. And I had people messaging me like, what is your store going to be on sale? I'm waiting to buy some of your products. So don't do what I did.  […]

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