5 Secrets to Create a Powerful Business Story

CEO Teacher, Marketing
  1. […] get confused by the storytelling element a lot.  We're told to tell stories, to be open and personable, and that's how you […]

  2. […] your keywords and headline and plan, now what?! Now it’s time to get writing! I recommend using your personal flair and voice to write your posts so your readers are engaged and feel like their learning from an actual human. […]

  3. […] into yourself. And that you don't have to burn the candle at both ends in order to be successful. Initially, Nita was an elementary school teacher in love with literacy. She would just snap pics of things that she would do in the classroom. And then she would post it […]

  4. […] The best part about creating content in the form of blog posts is that whenever you have writer's block and don't know what to write in an email or on Instagram, you can come back to your content and recycle it! Don't be afraid to use your quality content throughout your brand. Not only does it save you time, but it also simplifies and streamlines your message and story. […]

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