Top 5 Tips on Copywriting from Brilliant Copywriter Chanti Zak

CEO Teacher, Marketing
  1. This has been helpful. Thanks.

    • Ann says:

      Love creation over consumption tip and the Finding your voice – read or listen to others then thinking YES AND or YES BUT.

  2. […] What Emilee is talking about with bottlenecks in the funnels looks a bit like this: you're getting a ton of traffic, so people are actually visiting the page, and let's say, it's a landing page. And you're asking people to sign up for your free PDF. You're getting a lot of traffic but you're not getting very many leads. Or you're paying a lot per lead. That might be an indication that something's not resonating on that landing page. And you might need….  […]

  3. Great tips for those that are looking to improve their copywriting! This helps with developing content and knowing how to get better will result in more refined work.

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