Three Simple Steps to Finding Your Niche

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  1. Jennifer Silva says:

    This was so interesting to listen to. It really opened my mind to bigger possibilities that I hadn’t considered. I could listen to you all day. Your voice is so calming. I feel like your talking just to me.

  2. […] They used her strengths of copywriting and creativity. So she ran with it, and it became her niche and what she was known for. She acquired clients in all different industries, and her quiz strategy worked amazingly for all […]

  3. […] topic: your one-of-a-kind interests and strengths. Because once you get to the bottom of that, you’ll know exactly what niche you’re suited for, and I can’t tell you how important that is. Even though you have many talents and passions, your […]

  4. […] gave some concrete tips for staying compliant with your resource creation. Step one would be to make sure that you're not using other people's resources. She recommends checking your name and your content with at least an initial Google search. In the […]

  5. […] with others that want to know about literacy. She needed to find ways to hone in on her audience. Really finding her niche. She started small, did her research, and continued to be her authentic […]

  6. […] an online course is choosing what to teach! Even though you may have so many topics that you love, choose ONE THING that you are the most passionate about (for me, it’s how to grow your teacher business) and […]

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