How to Mind Map Your Teacher Business Like a Boss

CEO Teacher
  1. […] start to get a little energy back, organize what needs to be done for your teacher maternity leave. Chunk it into categories by priority. Ask yourself what the most important thing you need to do is so you can forget about […]

  2. […] Narrow your niche because it allows you to sort of be laser-focused, especially in the beginning.  And when you're starting your business, it's really easy to get distracted.  It's really easy to say, I could do this or I could do this and I can help this person and this person and this person. Instead stick with what you’re good at because that gives you the confidence to feel like you’re an expert from the beginning. Not that you have to know everything, but share the info in your wheelhouse.  It's actually easier for your customers as well, because they know what they will get when they come to you. Whereas if you have too broad of a niche, then it sends mixed messages. […]

  3. […] you’ve been around here for a bit, you know that everything I do in my business starts with mind mapping. Mind mapping helps me get all of the ideas swirling around my brain down on paper in an organized […]

  4. […] but think about your ideal customer. We talk about this a lot in the CEO Teacher® School. Your ideal customer is that person who is exactly who you're trying to speak to with the resources that you're creating. You are creating a marketing plan for that exact person. […]

  5. […] extraordinaire to show us the secrets to creative writing. I also love to show my students how mind mapping their ideas really leads to an entire year’s worth of […]

  6. […] mind mapping) to write as many blog posts as you can that are related to your opt-in topic. This shouldn’t be too hard since your opt-in is related to your niche! When you’re writing those blog posts, you can link to your landing page where people can opt-in […]

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