Are you using TikTok as a social media platform for business? I always say it’s never a good idea to put your eggs in one basket. In today’s show, I am sharing why I believe you should take that focused energy and place it on other social media marketing tools.  TeacherTok has blown up on […]


Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make Did you know people watch 17 hours of online video content per week? This number is expected to increase in 2024. Studies show that after viewing Stories on Instagram, 62% of users become more interested in a brand or a product. Don’t skip out on […]


The Question Of The Hour: What’s Trending on Social Media Right Now The short answer is whatever is working for you, keep doing it. In reality, what’s trending on social media that might be coming our way are all the things we have been talking about in the last few years. So let’s lean into […]


Tips for Facebook Live Success Ready to learn how going live on Facebook will benefit your teacher business in the new year? Facebook Live is still the leading live video platform going into 2023. And I want to share how you can use these 3 best practices for up-leveling your teacher business in the new […]

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Your content creator starter kit Whether you’re curious about becoming a content creator on Instagram, YouTube, or not sure where to begin, I am eager to share today’s guest with you. You’re going to hear how to become a content creator for social media – no matter the platform – from one of the best […]


From Beachbody Coach to Tiktok influencer through the power of story She’s a Beachbody Coach, a Tiktok influencer, an Instagram influencer, a mamma to one very special little girl, and so much more – friends, today I have one of my favorite influencers on the podcast. She’s a master of influencer marketing with multiple successful […]


The TikTok Teacher on how to become a teacher influencer You’re going to love today’s interview with the teacher influencer of all teacher influencers. Friends, even if you don’t love TikTok, even if you don’t think that you want to become a teacher TikTok influencer, my guest is going to change your mind on how […]


In this week’s episode of Lunch Listens we are chatting about the 4 questions to ask yourself as you prepare your teacher Facebook group. A FB group is easy to grow when you: determine its purpose, create the right community, deliver valuable content, and engage with your group members consistently. Are you ready to learn […]

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