In this episode about the INSTAGRAM close friends feature, you will learn: How to get started with Instagram Close Friends Why creating a VIP list is worth your time How to increase the lifetime value of a customer How to create a following of loyal fans that insist others work with you LINKS MENTIONED IN […]

Instagram close friends

 SEO is the golden ticket when it comes to organic marketing. TikTok SEO (or the TikTok Search Feature) simply means you’re optimizing your content so it’s found by the right people when they’re using the TikTok search feature on the platform. Stay tuned to find out why you need to get in on the […]

tiktok search

7 quick social media ideas for teachers When it comes to social media ideas and social media post ideas for business, online marketing is changing. And if I’m being honest, friends, this fact makes me jump for joy! I’m so here for it. Because anytime the online world changes, an opportunity presents itself for you […]


Content creation tips for content creators and CEO Teachers®   I’ve been watching today’s guest on all of the social channels for a loooong time, friend, and I thought it’d be a good idea to have her on to share how to start building a brand or business with the best content creation tips. That’s right, […]


How to be successful with Etsy as a CEO Teacher®  One huge question that I often get here at The CEO Teacher® podcast is, “How to be successful with Etsy?” It’s a great question, friends, and while I may not be the most experienced at selling on Etsy, my two guests today are. And with […]


How to use promoted pins Some of our best performing podcast episodes have been on the subject of Pinterest. That’s why, today, we at Team Kayse wanted to give you a new take on how to use promoted pins. If you love Pinterest because it is one of the biggest drivers of traffic to your […]


From teacher to mother to social media marketing manager and beyond… I absolutely love when I can bring stories like this to your ears, stories about a teacher (and, to my surprise, a CEO Teacher® student) turned social media marketing manager and mom. Whether you’re on your way to school or washing your dishes when […]


How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Business Hey CEO Teachers! As you wade through all of the noise out there about which social media platform is best to use to market your business, it can often seem like Pinterest…well, shouldn’t be one of them. But, as you’ll hear, a lot has changed on Pinterest. […]