SEO Keywords are the secret to your growth and reach online It’s time to establish YOUR credibility and sets YOU up as the authority on a specific subject, your niche! Google dominates other search engines with more than 8.5 billion searches each DAY. SEO optimization is going to get you seen, increase your reach, and […]


Your SEO Strategy for increasing your hierarchy on Google In this 3rd rendition of our SEO secrets series, we are breaking down SEO (search engine optimization) and showing you how to make it work in your teacher business. Search engine optimization across all of your content will actually lead to a higher domain authority on […]


SEO Tips You Cannot Live Without if You Are Ready to Increase Your Revenue In our second episode of SEO secrets – we are breaking down the behind the scenes details how you can (and should) revise posts, products, and other content to be SEO friendly. 15% of all queries are unique to Google, this […]


SEO Tips for Teachers Wanting to Uplevel Their Reach This Summer What are SEO secrets, or more importantly what is SEO? It stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, you’ll use SEO to improve your online presence and increase visibility across search engines (like Pinterest, Etsy, TPT, etc). You’ll optimize your content to show […]


Ready To Learn The Ins And Outs Of How To Create A Landing Page That Will Turn Your Audience Into Repeat Buyers? High converting landing pages have a sole purpose, to convert more traffic and increase conversions. Conversions include clicks, downloads, purchases, bookings, basically anything you offer that leads to value. A landing page can […]


Copywriting For Education, Is A Broad Topic: Who are you serving? Teachers, Admin, Families… Copywriting for education is a skill that cannot be passed off to some new forms of artificial intelligence. Teachers can sniff out inauthenticity faster than most. So we need to find ways to create compelling copy. Something that brings them in […]


Back To School Marketing Promotions Don’t Have To Begin On A Particular Date With school start times varying throughout the US, sales can begin anywhere from mid- to late July. Continue through August, and end in mid-September. As we head even deeper into 2023, I want to remind you that consumers trust their friends and […]


Ready to Use Connection and Value to Market to Teachers – Here is Your Lesson Plan… Marketing to teachers through email, social media and word of mouth are the top 3 ways to reach your audience. The word ‘marketing’ could bring up all kinds of feelings when we chat about reaching teachers. The thing you […]


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