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How to make products for Teachers Pay Teachers I’ve got a question for you, teacher friend — when the end-of-day school bell rings, what do you do with those top-notch worksheets that you poured time, energy, and copious amounts of caffeine into creating? Do you (a) squirrel those precious resources away into one of your […]


How To Become A TpT Seller in Seven Easy Steps If you clicked on this podcast page, you probably know a thing or two about TpT. But maybe you’re wondering…”how do I make a TpT seller Account?” Or maybe, friend, you know how to make a TpT seller Account, so instead you’re asking, “is selling […]


Advice from an expert on online business legal requirements I constantly tell people to stay in their zone of genius, to keep the main thing the main thing, and when it comes to online business legal requirements or how to start an online business legally, well my friend, that’s one thing that I’m NOT an […]


Put your business growth into hyperdrive: learn how to go live  Learning how to go live on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram – or even learning how to go live on all three platforms at the SAME TIME! – can be the difference of growing your business slowly or putting the proverbial business-petal to the metal. […]


What are the best stock photo sites for CEO Teachers®? As a teacher selling online, you may not realize it — but after today’s interview you’re going to see why — to make a beautiful online teacher business, you need the best stock photos available. But where does one find the best stock photo sites […]


How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Your Business Hey CEO Teachers! As you wade through all of the noise out there about which social media platform is best to use to market your business, it can often seem like Pinterest…well, shouldn’t be one of them. But, as you’ll hear, a lot has changed on Pinterest. […]


 Why Sales Drop during the Summer and What to do about it Hey CEO Teachers! I see you, wanting to kick off your shoes, dip your toes in the water, and enjoy that long overdue beach day as you bask in the beautiful rays of the summer sun. Then I see you checking your […]


Start a membership like Netflix in 2021 Hey CEO Teachers! Today I am interviewing an online membership maven and, yes, someone who only recently started her online membership platform AND is running her membership like Netflix within one year of starting it! If you don’t already know Jess Massey, I have no doubt that you […]