From Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) Systems to Teachers Pay Teachers Sales Hey CEO Teacher! Early in my days of Teacher Pay Teachers (TpT) sales and my CEO Teacher business, I thought I had a secret weapon. I was convinced I could outwork anyone. ANYONE, I tell you. After all, I worked hard. I worked harder […]


Turn your lesson plans into multiple streams of revenue in 2021 Hey Friend! Put on your Ray-Bans because Shiny Object Syndrome – it’s a real thing. And shiny object syndrome for an entrepreneur is the equivalent of a small child chasing after, well, shiny things. We all know what happens after that. The child loses […]


What you can do with your Online Teacher Business in your First Year Hey friend! Woo-hoo, it’s February. We made it. Whether you’re teaching in the classroom, remotely, or through a hybrid of both, I’m guessing you are juggling A LOT on your plate as a teacher right now…maybe it’s even overflowing. So starting and […]


Start your online teaching business by avoiding my mistakes Hey friend! Starting an online teaching business or becoming an online teacher entrepreneur is probably one of the SCARIEST things that you could ever do as an educator. I know — I have sooooooooo been there! To be a CEO teacher — because, let’s get real […]


Business Ideas for Teachers to Earn Your Teaching Salary Online Well hey there, friend! How would you like to earn your yearly teaching salary in less than one year? Now how would you like to double it? That sounds crazy, right? I know…I didn’t believe it myself. So to hear that some of my students […]


My Journey to Becoming a Business Coach for Teachers I want to take you down the path of my evolution. I am so proud of who I was and who I am today. But it hasn’t been the most glamorous path to becoming a business coach for teachers. I want to give you a peek […]


  How To Start Your Own Online Business It seems like it never fails. I see a teacher struggling to find their spark in the classroom and they think the only option that they have is to stay stuck as an unhappy teacher pretending to love their job or leave the classroom altogether to find […]


Bring it on, 2021! The CEO Teachers are ready for you!  Planning Your Business Goals As we are wrapping up this series on content planning, I want to give you the five ways that you can take massive action in 2021. Let’s face it, 2020 was a tough year all around. But what if this […]