The Marketing Secret I have Used for The Last 5 Years to Grow My Teacher Business Did you know live video and live streaming tends to capture and hold viewer attention longer than videos on-demand? 91.8% of internet users worldwide watch, on average, 19 hours a week of digital videos. And viewers will engage and […]


AI for Teachers: The Changing Landscape of Our Online Business World 79% of business owners expect generative AI to transform their organizations within three years. And I will always tell you that human connection and authenticity win the day. But in an ever changing world, you might be wondering how to use AI to streamline […]


Are You Quietly Thinking That Maybe A Strategic Move To Leave Teaching Is In Your Future? Whether you’re a teacher leaving the profession or just exploring the possibilities out there, let me be the first to tell you that your options, freedom, and income are limitless. I believe teachers have the knowledge and ability to […]


Is Starting a Teachers Pay Teachers Store Still Worth It? I am here today to give you a little shift in perspective about a changing market. Can you post a 2 page worksheet on TPT and expect it to make thousands over night- no, but is that really the business model you want to be […]


Can teachers make 6 figures- the short answer is YES I think the one thing that stops educators from breaking out of the mold of a set pay-scale is they feel like they entered into this world of teaching to serve others. And while I completely agree with that statement – Teachers have a beautiful […]


Online Marketing Guru Jeff Walker Shares The #1 Skill Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed, Spoiler Alert- YOU Already Have This Skill!!  You already know the way you present your material has got to be in a way that pulls your students in. It has to be sequenced and structured. You can’t give them the 14th lesson […]


Are you ready to sell educational resources online?  Selling lesson plans online is the next logical step for teachers. You are already doing half the work, so you might as well get paid for doing the rest! And who knows how to differentiate a lesson better- an educator or some random curriculum company?  Whether you […]


What our end of year reflection taught us about being laser-focused  Podcast interviews are a powerful storytelling tool with the ability to dive deeper into a topic and provide value over a series of episodes, never forget stories are more memorable than data. If you want your brand’s message to stick in your audience’s memory […]


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