SEO is the golden ticket when it comes to organic marketing. TikTok SEO (or the TikTok Search Feature) simply means you’re optimizing your content so it’s found by the right people when they’re using the TikTok search feature on the platform. Stay tuned to find out why you need to get in on the […]

tiktok search

Affiliate marketing strategies for the CEO Teacher® When you’re just starting your CEO Teacher® business, affiliate marketing strategies can feel a bit overwhelming. We know this because we’ve heard your questions. For example, is it possible to do affiliate marketing without a website? Or can affiliate marketing make you money? And then there’s one of […]


What Should Be The Focus of Your About Website Page? Your about website page (ya know, the one people land on first when they type in your URL) is the most important real estate on your whole website. People will form an opinion about you and your business in less than a second from seeing […]

what your about website page is missing

From overwhelm to scheduling success as a teacherpreneur Managing your time as a teacherpreneur is that golden egg that everyone seems to want…and yet if I teach you how to better manage your time, you may feel more overwhelmed than when you start this episode. I could say things like, “Color coordinate your Google Calendar […]


 Have You Been Wondering How to Improve Email Open Rates? You’re building your email list full of teachers or families who need your expertise, and you’re sending emails to them. Go you! Seriously, that alone is worth a few high kicks! But now, you’re looking at your data and not loving what you’re seeing. […]

do this one thing to increase email open rates (lunch listens episode)

The community over competition way to building an online community Friends, I’m more in love with building an online community than ever before and, most of all, I’m FOREVER in love with my new friend and guest on today’s episode, Natalie Franke. Natalie will inspire you to look at your CEO Teacher business through the […]


Whatever your back to school plan, start by defining your success One glorious back to school season, someone once said to me, “Kayse, it seems like you are constantly having a new spiritual awakening.” Yes, friends…insert eye roll here. At least, insert the eye roll that I thought that someone was making because I could […]


How to build a course with Amy Porterfield Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have Amy Porterfield on The CEO Teacher© Podcast. When I was still in the classroom and I first started listening to podcasts, Amy was – and, let’s be honest, remains – the number one person I […]