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What life looked like before the CEO Teacher® Programs It’s not every day or, heck, even every year that I wake up and say, “Today is the day that I retell what life looked like before the CEO Teacher®.” To be honest, friends, my story – the one that I have to live with every […]


The CEO Teacher® Programs – for teachers wanting more income, impact & freedom  Gosh, friends…while it’s been a few years in the making, my team and I have finally found the perfect fit for The CEO Teacher® programs. Over the last 18 months we have reworked and rebranded our entire CEO Teacher School into what […]


Business ideas for teachers from teachers who have turned their passion into profit What a beautiful day to be alive and what a beautiful day for business ideas for teachers. Friends, you are in for a TREAT. On today’s show, I’m interviewing the best of the best. We have chosen three of our amazing CEO […]


The secret to teachers making extra money online begins right here When it comes to teachers making extra money online, you aren’t too far behind, friend. In fact, you are exactly where you need to be. You’re in the perfect spot. Veteran teachers, for one, are in the perfect position to make extra money as […]


How to make extra money as a teacher and live a life you love So you’re thinking it would be nice to double your monthly teaching salary in as little as 2 months by making extra money as a teacher online…but you don’t know how it could ever be possible? Oh friend, I hear you. […]


 More ways to make extra money as a teacher than as a Teachers Pay Teachers seller Oftentimes, when I post something on social media, everyone assumes that I only teach teachers how to make money as a Teachers Pay Teachers seller. They’ll reply, “I’m just not into that,” or “I tried that once and […]


Walking the road to financial freedom as a teacher My personal road to financial freedom started with Dave Ramsey about 10 years ago. You either love Dave or you don’t, but I was fascinated by him. Heck, I still am. I think he is a genius businessman and I’ve learned a lot about financial freedom […]


How to create the life you want & earn what you deserve as a teacher My goal is to help you create the life you want as a teacher. Did you catch what I did there? Okay, let me say it again, but this time, I’ll do it a little more slowly: MY GOAL is […]