How To Use Your Teaching Skills To Retrain Your Brain To See The Good While Embracing The Unknown Have you ever been forced to go with it and learn that embracing uncertainty is the key to everything good? When doors are closing and it feels like everything is a no, only to find out later […]


Teaching Changes You, There is No Denying it Teachers change careers (or move about in the system) all the time, but we NEVER talk about it. It feels like a giant secret that should be kept close so you don’t let feelings of failure creep in, or allow the naysayers to get a hold of […]


Become A Teacher They Said- It Will Be Fun They Said! They Forgot To Mention You Should Get To Design Your Life Too! In 2024, your teacher life should include much more than living in the hours AFTER the last school bell rings! What I mean is you get to design the life you have […]


Are you using TikTok as a social media platform for business? I always say it’s never a good idea to put your eggs in one basket. In today’s show, I am sharing why I believe you should take that focused energy and place it on other social media marketing tools.  TeacherTok has blown up on […]


Having a Business Strategy Plan is The Key to Establishing Your Foundation Many marketing and business strategies are floating around the internet. Business strategy coaches and marketers are trying to tell you what is best for your business. But what they forget to take into account is the fact that you are a teacher. And […]


Teachers Pay Teachers Isn’t What It Used To Be… Que the hysteria, and then take a breath!  Can we all agree that building a business is Daunting with a capital D – all the what-ifs that creep in and get in the way of designing, creating magic, and using your teacher skillset?  We are not […]


Establish A Teacher Business With A Proven System Momentum is one of the most powerful pieces in life and it’s too often overlooked. People tend to put the brakes on right when they need to keep pushing. Each time you read something new, speak to someone with a differing opinion, or listen to what other […]


 An average online teacher salary has grown exponentially in recent years The changes in the education industry have created a growing demand for online teachers. Becoming an online teacher offers you a rewarding career with flexible work hours, where you can determine your schedules. There’s an INFINITE amount of opportunity out there to grow […]


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