Brand Your TpT Store Like a Boss With These 5 Epic Hacks

CEO Teacher, Marketing
  1. […] Although planning ahead is so crucial, we also need to talk about the moment right now. Everyone's feeling the stress of the summer sales drop and they want to see if they can help make the resources they've already created, be even better. I wanted to share a few tips for TPT sellers in the months of June and July that they can start doing to help their sales increase when it's time to harvest. Instead of just putting out new content all the time, you can go in and almost do a decluttering and reorganizing of all of your current content. There are so many things we can touch on right here, especially things we've coached recently on in the CEO Teacher® school. Here is a list of the top 5 things that we suggest for people to go into their TPT store and reassess. […]

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