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Learn what it takes to turn your unique gifts and talents as an educator into a business that allows you to make a bigger impact AND income with the Teacher Income Challenge. The beauty of this journey is that there are no limits to what you can dream and achieve. 10 Pathways to success that […]

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Search Engine Optimization 101- Ahhhh Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. I reference it a lot, but SEO helped me go from Zero to Hero with my TPT products, blog posts, Instagram posts and so much more. When I say SEO I’m not talking about CEO which stands for the chief executive officer. I’m talking about SEO […]

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It is truly a delightful part of my job that I get to chat about the question of the hour: how do teachers make extra money? So for this conversation I decided to bring in two amazing students from level one inside of the CEO Teacher® programs.  We talked about what life looks like as […]

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One of my favorite influencers and top Beachbody coach Emily Fauver shares how your story can impact the world. Born in California and raised in Oregon Emily then married her high school sweetheart. A military family, they’ve lived all over the place, with their 3-year-old Ella. Ella is an influencer in her own right and […]

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Let’s learn about my top business ideas for educators getting started this year. From making $50 my first month selling my digital teaching lesson plans online – fast forward 9 years almost to the exact day and now I own a multi-million dollar company. (One that earns over a million $ per year). I have […]

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Natalie is here to share how her social media influencer status went viral. I found Natalie Stuart scrolling through TikTok as a lot of us do and I instantly fell in love. What a roller coaster Natalie has been on lately. Her life has exploded in just a short amount of time. Natalie Stuart teaches […]

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When I chatted with Jocelynn Hubbard about becoming an educational consultant I told her she deserves her own show. She is a phenomenal human, a phenomenal student, she has so much advice and so much wisdom for any teacher out there. For anyone looking to start their business in education consulting or anything that deals […]

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Is creating online courses for educators on your to-do list? Maybe you are thinking I haven’t got that far yet because I’m swamped with all the required to-do’s of my day job (hello classroom teachers, I see you!) Let me tell you a story about that one time I decided to take a chance on […]

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