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Kayla Collins from Teach Like You Mean It is here to chat all about being a part time teacher, mom, and Teacher-Author. I’ve been following her on Instagram for years and years and she is truly such a unique person.  She has an amazing eye for design and innovation. And you can see that in […]

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Taking all the things she’s learned she built this amazing business with diversity, equity, and inclusion as her main thing. Nita Creekmore operates Love-Teach-Bless. Mother of four and wife, going into her 18th year in education.  She started her journey teaching elementary education. She was a second-grade teacher, first-grade teacher, and fifth-grade teacher. And then […]

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A mental health check in for students and teachers changed the game in and out of the classroom with this week’s guest. I had the privilege of meeting Erin a few years back at a teacher conference. It was kind of a full-circle moment to be able to interview her and chat about mental health […]

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Today we’re going to talk about social media marketing tips, and how life has changed from full-time teacher to what Brooke currently does now. Brooke taught for five years where she started in first grade. After COVID hit, she went completely virtual. Which then led her to do what she is doing now. She gets […]

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It’s time to overcome limiting beliefs about so many things, but today we are going to focus on money! As a former limiting beliefs expert, I used to get sucked into that same story that we’ve always been told.  Have you ever felt like your income has plateaued? You’ve got the teaching degrees and you’ve […]

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Selling on TPT turned my life around, and I have shared that story so many times. But I want to showcase these three amazing ladies who are students inside of the CEO Teacher® School. And we’re going to talk about how they are rocking it in their business. As we start I want to share […]

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Search Engine Optimization 101- Ahhhh Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. I reference it a lot, but SEO helped me go from Zero to Hero with my TPT products, blog posts, Instagram posts and so much more. When I say SEO I’m not talking about CEO which stands for the chief executive officer. I’m talking about SEO […]

search engine optimization 101

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Are you ready to learn how to start a TPT store? Maybe you are asking yourself ‘how in the world can you accomplish all the things’ while still in the classroom full time? Maybe you want to know how to balance it all and make it worth your while? Stick around and I will give […]

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Tie dye lovin’, audiobook obsessed,
growth-minded,                   Peloton powered, small town Georgia English teacher and
                        turned 7-figure online teacher business owner                         of the #CEOTeacher movement

Tie dye lovin’, audiobook obsessed,
growth-minded,                     Peloton powered, small town Georgia English teacher and
turned 7-figure online teacher business owner                            of the #CEOTeacher movement

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