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One of a teacherpreneurs favorite things to talk about is tips for Pinterest Marketing. I have a love, hate relationship with Pinterest, so I brought in a Pinterest strategist to talk to us and share tips for Pinterest marketing. What it looks like for your teacher business in 2021. What you need to stop doing […]

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Let’s chat all about why you have a drop in sales every summer when it comes to selling online. Especially as it relates to Teachers Pay Teachers. You may be feeling the pressure. You may be feeling a little anxiety about a drop in sales and it’s totally normal. A few months ago, when we […]

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Starting a membership site can be a daunting task. However, I was able to chat with Jess Massey all about her membership, how to conquer the overwhelm, and the best platform to build a membership site. We will find out where she came from when it comes to the TPT world and the teacher world […]

starting a membership site

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If you’re looking for tips on how to blog, you’ve come to the right place! Blogging has been one of the biggest game-changers for my teacher business. The years after I started blogging, I went from making thousands of dollars per year to over six figures. How? I used my secret sauce and served teachers […]

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Let’s get down into the trenches of how to sell a membership, from idea to creation, and finally launching it into the world.  Meet CEO Teacher® Tara Tuchel, who in a very short amount of time, hit the surface of what her membership is going to become.  Tara is a speech-language pathologist who founded Autism […]

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I am absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview one of our amazing CEO Teachers®.  She helps students get positive AP exam results with her clear and concise teaching style. Beth Hall from Coach Hall Writes has taken her amazing interest and expertise in AP writing and has turned it into a real […]


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I felt compelled to write this blog post on maternity leave for teachers for all you mamas, soon-to-be mamas, or anyone with hopes to start a future family of their own. Also, I wanted to shout out the mamas trying to get pregnant without success and who’ve struggled with infertility. We see you, and we […]

maternity leave for teachers

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Have you ever looked at your TpT data and wondered why some resources on Teachers Pay Teachers sell better than others? Or, have you wondered how you could become a Teachers Pay Teachers top seller? Maybe you’ve seen successful TpT sellers and asked yourself, “What did they do to get where they are?” Teachers Pay […]

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Tie dye lovin’, audiobook obsessed,
growth-minded,                   Peloton powered, small town Georgia English teacher and
                        turned 7-figure online teacher business owner                         of the #CEOTeacher movement

Tie dye lovin’, audiobook obsessed,
growth-minded,                     Peloton powered, small town Georgia English teacher and
turned 7-figure online teacher business owner                            of the #CEOTeacher movement

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