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Search Engine Optimization 101- Ahhhh Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. I reference it a lot, but SEO helped me go from Zero to Hero with my TPT products, blog posts, Instagram posts and so much more. When I say SEO I’m not talking about CEO which stands for the chief executive officer. I’m talking about SEO […]

search engine optimization

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I quit teaching; now what? From one teacher’s heart to another, I want to share what happened when I quit teaching (in a traditional classroom), and I hope to give you the confidence to make your own decisions based on your needs in this season of life. The landscape of education is changing, and that […]

quit teaching

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Have you ever thought about creating an online course for teachers? Making a digital course is one of my favorite ways to take your teacher business to the next level and diversify your income. I’ve created several courses now, and I love sharing my tips and advice with you! You may be thinking you want […]

Online Course for Teachers

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Bring your classroom teacher something special with this holiday gift guide for teachers. Our teachers work so hard all year and it’s so important that we show our teacher appreciation. As a former teacher, I know I always appreciated a little bit of love and kindness during the holiday season. Whether a handwritten note from […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers

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This CEO Teacher® Gift Ideas for Christmas is full of tech tools that I use in my business, and I know they will help you or your loved one be more efficient and professional! I’ve included tech gift ideas for Christmas for every budget, so you’re sure to find something that will spark joy. If […]

Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas

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Subscription based business models are a form of recurring revenue where customers pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly fees in exchange for your products or services. In the case of creating a box for teachers or students, the sky is the limit as to what you could provide as an additional stream of revenue.  Sometimes, a […]

subscription based business

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I felt compelled to write this blog post on maternity leave for teachers for all you mamas, soon-to-be mamas, or anyone with hopes to start a future family of their own. Also, I wanted to shout out the mamas trying to get pregnant without success and who’ve struggled with infertility. We see you, and we […]

maternity leave for teachers

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Today I am excited to chat about teacher side hustle jobs you might not have considered. We have been watching this amazing human do great things for the teaching community and it’s been so refreshing and so nice just to see someone come in and really dominate the space on making a transition as a […]

teacher side hustle jobs

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Learn how to get started selling your teaching resources online so you can fiiiiinally get paid your worth as an educator.

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