Search Engine Optimization 101: The Golden Ticket To Selling Your Resources Online

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  1. […] most boring job on the planet and you're not wrong. It is pretty boring, but utilizing keywords and understanding search engine optimization to get those product descriptions optimized before a TPT sitewide sale is the ultimate […]

  2. […] needed to be found online. She actually needed it to show up where it was supposed to show up. So she started learning what she could all about SEO. And she started optimizing her blog. Eventually, she ended up on YouTube and applying her SEO […]

  3. […] about SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. By using commonly searched for terms, or keywords, on your website, and in your blog, Google will […]

  4. […] link some pins to your blog posts and others to your landing pages. Also, do your SEO research and use keywords in your descriptions and file names to get those pins at the top of the search […]

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