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If you’ve ever struggled with writing copy for your business, I’m excited to introduce you to one of my favorite humans who is going to share incredible tips on copywriting with you today. Chanti Zak is our copywriter here at Team Kayse, and she is a quiz funnel strategist, teacher, and copywriter for change makers […]

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Using an email marketing template and swipe files are two of my favorite top not-so-secret things in my online teacher business. Email marketing templates and swipe files are very different, and I’ll teach you the differences in this post and give you a killer first email marketing template to help you sell more of your […]

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If you want the best email marketing campaign strategies and tips for your teacher email list, you’ve come to the right place, friend. Email marketing campaigns may seem intimidating, but it’s time to bust through the overwhelm and craft the best email marketing campaign to sell your resources and so much more. Did you know […]

best email marketing campaign for teachers

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Have you started selling on TPT but are struggling to understand the data coming from your Teachers Pay Teachers dashboard? It’s a hot topic in the CEO Teacher School community, and I want to break it down for you and share more tips for Teachers Pay Teachers sellers. Before I do, though, I want to […]


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Are you struggling with writing emails to teachers on your email list? No, this isn’t an article on how to write an email to your child’s teacher. Instead, I’m going to share the secrets behind how I grow my teacher email lists by the thousands each month and keep them coming back for more. I’ll […]


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One simple way to build an authentic connection with your customers instead of just selling to them is to create your business story or your business storyboard. I’ve shared about the importance of connection marketing and how I use it daily to form genuine bonds with my students and potential students. Why a business storyboard? […]

5 secrets to create a powerful business story

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Are you googling “How to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)” at random hours in the day, looking for a little glimmer of hope to send your sales into overdrive? Are you taking a stab at selling on Teachers Pay Teachers but just can’t hit thousands of dollars each month like other people you know? […]


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I had the chance to sit down and interview Tim Topham from Top Music, and he shared some of his best tips and strategies he’s used to grow his very successful business where he serves music teachers. He has branched out into creating courses and teacher memberships, and he has a podcast for music teachers […]

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Tie dye lovin’, audiobook obsessed,
growth-minded,                   Peloton powered, small town Georgia English teacher and
                        turned 7-figure online teacher business owner                         of the #CEOTeacher movement

Tie dye lovin’, audiobook obsessed,
growth-minded,                     Peloton powered, small town Georgia English teacher and
turned 7-figure online teacher business owner                            of the #CEOTeacher movement

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