7 Secrets to a Successful Teacher Membership

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  1. […] she started thinking about creating a membership and started doing Facebook lives.  Her Facebook presence was taking off.  But don’t […]

  2. […] recommends really getting them set up for success. So creating planning tools or a community like a membership where they're not feeling so alone and you help set them up for success. So if your ideal customer […]

  3. […] started feeling like she wanted to design a course. And fortunately, there is a lot of support in the CEO Teacher® level 2 program all about creating c… So she had all the support she needed to get started with her dreams. She got brave and did it […]

  4. […] If you want to get started creating your own teacher membership. Whether you are thinking of a support system for high school math teachers. Or maybe a homeschool parent co-op online and everything in between. You can get started by downloading my Teacher's Map of Online Business Secrets here. And get started bringing your ideas to life. I am here to support you making a bigger impact and income than you ever thought possible. Just by leaning into your unique teaching magic and sharing it with the world. […]

  5. […] a mind map is that you can use this strategy in every area of your business. This is how I map out my membership launches, my course creation, and my podcast episodes. This is how I first decide what blog posts I’ll […]

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