How to Grow Your Email List in Five Ways

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  1. […] YouTube videos definitely help because people can refer back to those for longer periods of time. But having an email list has definitely been the key to her marketing efforts. She can actually see who's opening emails and […]

  2. […] me say that again…. People stick around for the value that you keep giving and once you do decide to ask for a sale in return, they will buy from you again and again. For […]

  3. Marie Frank says:

    You mentioned email templates in one of your podcasts. Where might I find these?

  4. […] there's a reason, something that sparked that idea. There's someone that you wrote that book for. And when you start to share those insights, that story, people care. That's what resonates with people. So at its core, marketing is networking. Marketing is sharing […]

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