How to Expand or Start Your Own Online Business as a Teacher

CEO Teacher
  1. Sheelah says:

    I am a burned out teacher! I do not want to teach in the classroom anymore, but would love to teach teachers. This would be a dream for me.

  2. […] Beth saw the need for those students looking for additional help and created a YouTube channel called Coach Hall Writes.  She started that back in February of 2019.  And does weekly tutorial videos during AP writing and testing season.  And it's not just for AP essay writing either. Beth is working hard to make passing the AP writing test accessible for students regardless of their educational background. […]

  3. […] be a blog post that turns into another rant about the education system in America, you're wrong. I believe in teachers, and I believe in you. I believe teachers have the knowledge and ability to conquer the world, one child, at a time. I'll […]

  4. […] Figuring out what to name it using our search engine optimization strategies that we teach inside of The CEO Teacher® School […]

  5. […] 95 other people are living their life day by day letting whatever happens to them, just happen. How can you cultivate a statement that becomes your mission statement? How can you create a one or two-liner that allows you to answer those questions every […]

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