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Dedicated to helping educators keep doing what they love (hello teaching) while finding more freedom and income using skills they already have in the online space. No impressive tech skills or marketing experience necessary. Just the passion and desire to transform your life doing what you love.

Episodes created for the full time classroom teacher just starting to think about the possibilities that await them, or those ready to break through the glass ceiling of their current pay scale. 

Either way - 

you are in the right place! 

I'm Kayse.

A former 8th grade ELA teacher, mama to 5, and a plant loving, cross fitter. I am over here sharing my secrets to starting your very own teacher business and impacting your income on your terms. Tune in each week where I share marketing tips and strategies, mindset shifts, and teacher inspiration to help you go from extra coffee money to life impacting opportunities! 

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Marketing Podcast especially for teachers looking to make additional income with an online business

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