How to Take Your Teacher Business to the Next Level

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  1. […] so important to listen to your audience.  Don't limit yourself to just teachers when it could be teachers and parents.  I also think about one of our students Beth Hall that has niched down to help her audience […]

  2. […] she worked in corporate marketing, but after she had the first of three daughters, she realized she didn't want to work a regular nine to five. So she grew a wedding planning business for about 10 years. During her time helping a lot of other […]

  3. […] How To Take Your Teacher Business To The Next Level […]

  4. […] maybe you are curious how to grow and scale your already thriving business. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, I am here to be your guide and help you live […]

  5. […] So – how are you creating your life? Are you actively ensuring that it will become what you wa… Or are you allowing your life to passively create itself?  […]

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