How To Conquer a Scarcity Mindset as a Teacherpreneur

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  1. Reese Evans says:

    Thank you Kayse for this beautiful article. Your ideas are really great & helpful. I appreciate your writing skills & thoughts. Your ideas inspire me. Just loved your article. Great.

  2. […] are working on themselves. I honestly think that if I had one piece of advice for anything in life, it would be to work on yourself every single day. Your mind, your body, your spirit – […]

  3. […] We talk a lot about having an abundance mindset inside the programs.  And I recommend a lot of different business books. For Tara, listening to those audiobooks and really believing in that abundance mindset, there is enough money and goodness out there for each and every one of us, it's not a competition between any of us or between any of the people in the same niche as us. We all bring our special flavor and perspective. And so having that abundance mindset kind of changed everything for Tara.   […]

  4. […] When you get caught up in scrolling on social channels, looking at TpT stores, or even just focusing on other successful teacher-authors …What thoughts go through your head? […]

  5. […] downloading free worksheets, but I quickly realized great content was available for purchase too. That’s when I began shifting my teacher mindset into a teacher growth mindset. If I could create resources and sell them online as a teacher, maybe I could make a little extra […]

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