5 Steps to Make a Business Plan for the New Year

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  1. […] suit with everything else in our businesses. So, what do you need most as a teacher blogger? Consistency. This means that you should be posting regularly. That could be once a month, once every two weeks, […]

  2. […] 5 Steps to Make a Business Plan for the New Year […]

  3. […] habits. How are you going to get ready for what’s to come when you have no idea what it might be? Get your plan in place. What are your Heck Yeses, your non-negotiables? Set your goals so together we can take massive […]

  4. […] Create a business plan that provides potential customers with a snapshot of your tutoring services. Organize your offers with an easy-to-understand method or framework. Create a business hub (or website) to share with your audience. Include links to get on your schedule. We love Calendly as an option. That way you can schedule and receive payments at the same time.  […]

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