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  1. Can you promote a pin with a personal account, or do you need a business account to do that?

    Also, I was wondering, approximately how much have you spent on investing in your store (buying clipart, paying for promoted pins, etc)? I just want to get an idea of how much I'll need to spend before I start seeing any return.

  2. Michaela says:

    Hi Kayse! Your post and video are so timely. I went to Pinterest the other day (just switched to a business account recently) and they sent me an email saying they would let me know when they started allowing promoted pins??? Do you know if it's possibly a beta program you got in or perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for your continued support. I can't wait for you to see what's next. To my knowledge, you cannot promote a pin with a personal account. It doesn't cost anything to move it over to a business account, so try that and see.

    Would you like a total on monthly investment, or yearly? Email me at kaysemorris@gmail.com and we can discuss this further. I'd love to help. Thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Hey Michaela!!! I LOVE your name!!!! Thank you for your kind words about my posts and videos. I did have to "apply" to be given an opportunity to promote pins. It only took a week or two. I think they just wanted to make sure my pins were business related and that they offered what promoted pins are looking for. Continue to pin daily, and they should approve you. Let me know if you haven't heard from them in a week or so. Also, check back next week. I'm going to be doing a Pinterest Pinning help blog post that may answer some of your questions. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  5. Tammy Taylor says:

    First let me say THANK YOU!!!! I've just finished switching my Pinterest account over to a business account and I applied for promoted posts. I also went back and pinned all of my products on TpT using the link next to the actual listing. You have so many helpful tips and I really appreciate your feel-good personality that shows in your posts and videos. I grabbed your button and listed you as one of my favorite bloggers on my blog. Come check us out (we are a husband/wife team) at twoteachingtaylors.weebly.com. We would love to link up with you sometime.

  6. Carrie Jones says:

    Hi Kayse!! YOU are AWESOME!!! Thank you for the SUPER informative video (#2)! That was very helpful! I couldn't comment there so I came to your blog to let you know. I am looking forward to checking out your other videos that you have now and that you will make. …as well as your blog, Pinterest, store, etc. It is hard to keep up with it all, but I have been trying to focus on Pinterest much more lately. I just switched to a business account in June and will look into promoting pins. Your tips are great to know!
    Thank you again!
    Carrie Jones

  7. kebu says:

    Hi Kayse,
    Your blog and videos are really inspiring–thank you. I'm a long time TPT seller, but my sales have been pretty flat–you've inspired me to go in and make changes! My cover pages need help–what do you use to make your pages POP so well?

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