How to Use Your Teachers Pay Teachers Dashboard & More TPT Tips

CEO Teacher
  1. […] if they still love and adore your older stuff. Being relevant is a key to getting your resources to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.  In order to make more on TpT, you have to update or create new stuff constantly. It’s just […]

  2. […] Another fun thing Allie recommends is using emojis to really bring attention to your specific categories. You have to do a lot of playing around to get emojis to work. She actually just gave our CEO Teacher® School teachers a little cheat sheet to help them with those emojis. But that's a fun way to draw attention and to separate your categories. Definitely use those categories to also track your TPT sales and see what's working and what's not.  […]

  3. […] might have a dashboard on TPT that shows you a few analytics but it is not always accurate. And we know it's not accurate because we can follow our Google […]

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