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Real stories from educators who have turned their passion and expertise in the classroom into successful online businesses, making additional income as well as a larger impact on the education world.

This is Tam's CEO Teacher® Membership Success Story

Tam Milledge

Membership Mastermind, Digital Resource Creator, Blogger

Tam spent many years building an audience on Instagram, its now up to 102K, but she was self proclaimed "traditionally the world's worst" when it came to email marketing. The CEO Teacher® helped her to understand the importance of focusing on and  building her email list.

The best part is that staying focused on connecting with her audience helped her grow from from 5K subscribers in December 2021 to over 28K in January 2023. 

Tam then took all of her new knowledge and applied it to follow the Membership Mastermind Success Path. She built an engaged audience that wanted to become part of her new Membership Hive. 

Tam followed along with the launch framework (provided inside the CEO Teacher® Membership) and applied everything she was learning to grow a new platform of over 3000 members in just 5 days. 

She acknowledges the journey, saying that even in its messy state action brings clarity and clarity produces results. She was able to address the pain points and challenges of her specific audience, share her own story, and help teachers save precious time while providing them with quality resources that will engage their learners.

Tam has used everything she learned inside the CEO Teacher® Community to grow her craft and zero in on her message and mission. She plans to continue the journey while offering a value filled download (over 50K to date) and keep showing up for her teachers each and every week inside the membership platform she created. 

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"There is nothing quite like our [membership] out there. It's partly a resource library, but it's also a dashboard for teachers to organize their entire day. We found a gap, and we filled it. And we've had over 3,000 teachers join!"

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