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Real stories from educators who have turned their passion and expertise in the classroom into successful online businesses, making additional income as well as a larger impact on the education world.

This is Mona's CEO Teacher® Membership Success Story

Mona Iehl

Podcaster, Blogger, Coach, Digital Product Seller

"My podcast has grown from a consistent 10 listens a day to daily listens of around 60. In 2023 my monthly listens are ~2,000."

Mona joined The CEO Teacher® in the fall of 2020, in that weird time when we were all busy doing nothing BUT everything online.

Mona was the lead for training teachers in a "new" way of teaching at her school. She had so many visitors in her classroom each year and was always re-energized when she could teach a teacher how to do what she did in the classroom.

That was when she decided to dip a toe into sharing her teaching magic online with teachers around the world, and her first step was joining The CEO Teacher® Membership.

When she started she had ZERO email subscribers and a few TPT products that I was using to teach virtually, and a brand new baby.

She started soaking up the info found in the hundreds of lessons in the membership. That's when she decided to apply ALL the strategies and tips. 

She binged videos about growing her email list, and starting a podcast, so she could reach a larger audience. 

With the start of her top rated podcast, her email subscribers went from 0 to 2,200+ where she has a 40 to 55% open rate.

Plus, she found a system that works for her specific audience where she is able to nurture them through her podcast and email to keep them engaged.

Even better, she is able to use the swipe files and tools in the membership to help streamline her processes so she can focus on teaching full time!

And highly mentionable is the community Mona has found on her journey. It's an entire group of like minded teachers, which is so rare.

Many times it is hard to find a teacher bestie outside the 4 walls of your own school community. Now Mona has teacher besties all around the world that she met inside the CEO Teacher® Membership.

As she grows her business, she has gone from .25 cents for her first sale, to almost $800 monthly, just through her digital resources which she can share about on her podcast.

She continues her mission to empower elementary teachers around the world with her value packed weekly podcast.

Mona shows up for her audience with her Honest Math Chat podcast, her course material, and as a digital resource creator. She embodies the integrity of a true CEO Teacher®, collaborating with others, sharing her knowledge through PD, and in a face to face fashion in her local community. 

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